For years there had been no 'official' UK Honda Beat Club, just a group of folks with a common love of ridiculously small cars. The numbers grew as the cars became more popular. Then on a windy day in November 1999, in a pub (of course) the clans gathered and the UKHBC was born.

At this first meeting, we decided to have put a website together, to help publicise the club

All was fine until May 2001, when due to a bit of a mix up, the website was handed over to someone new. So the U-UKHBC was born

You can see the 'new' site here UKHBC

"....on a windy day in november...."

The U-UKHBC has only one real aim

'To help Beat Owners enjoy their cars'

Its just a website, with no stuffy commitees, no boring meetings in church halls and definitely no 'club politics', The U-UKHBC is about FUN.

The site isn't doesn't intend to put the 'real' UK honda beat club down, its just here, tongue firmly in cheek, as a platform for beat owners to have a laugh.

Theres no need to worry about 'What the club might think', so feel free to say what you think!

!In the future, this site should develop into a 'K' car site, thats if i ever get round to it!

"....Beat owners enjoy their cars...."

The U-UKHBC are.....

Paul Whittaker - Webmaster

Jimmy - Pauls faithful cat!

Still under De-construction!

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